Multi Purpose Pliers

Multi Purpose Pliers
Professional pliers for interchangeable pressing jaws serves to neat pressing of various top & bottom stops on zippers.
  • 21 cm long, ca. 470 g weight
  • Anti-slip plastic coated handles
Application video

Synonyms: zipper stops pliers, top stop tool, bottom stop pincer

Swap jaws for multi purpose pliers

Interchangeable pressing jaws for the neat pressing of various top stops & bottom stops on zippers

  • Pressing jaws for top stops Sp10 with 3 prongs Pressing jaws for top stops Sp10 for spiral zipper with 6 mm chain width Instructions
  • Pressing jaws for universally usable, u-shaped bottom stops with 4 prongs
    Pressing jaws for u-shaped bottom stops RT10
    • RT0 for zippers with 4 mm chain width
    • RT10 for zippers with 6 mm chain width
    • RT20 for zippers with 8 mm chain width
    Each of these bottom stop sizes requires a separate pair of pressing jaws. Unfortunately, there are no pressing jaws for larger bottom stops. Instructions
  • Pressing jaws for x-shape bottom stops Pressing jaws for x-shaped bottom stops for plastic moulded zippers & metal zippers of any chain widths Instructions