Injection moulded zipperThe individual teeth of these zippers made of the plastic Delrin® are injected onto the zipper tape by the injection moulding process. The liquid Delrin plastic connects inextricably with the fabric of the zipper tape.

These zippers are also called plastic-molded-zippers. It is more insensitive to coarser dirt particles than other types of zippers due to the size and shape of the teeth. That's why many garment manufacturers prefer such moulded zippers with individual plastic teeth for outdoor jackets as well as for clothing in equestrian and motor sports.

We deliver the following variants for jackets and coats immediately from stock. Please choose: separable Zipper separable separable, 2-way Zipper separable 2-way We procure other variants at short notice.
Parts for injection moulded zippers
Sliders as spare parts for defective Delrin zippers Stops - top stops and bottom stops that can be affixed onto the zipper tapes so that the slider does not slide out at the ends of the Delrin zipper