Metal zipperThe individual teeth of these zippers consist of brass cramps pressed into the fabric of the zipper tape. The metal surface can be refined galvanically in many ways. This allows to create very decorative zipper types for clothing and bags. We also deliver gilded and polished metal zippers on request.

We deliver the following variants immediately from stock. Please choose: Not separable (closed end) Zipper not separableseparable (open end) Zipper separableseparable (open end), 2-way Zipper separable 2-way We procure other variants at short notice.
Single parts for metal zippers
Sliders as spare parts for defective metal zippersStops are single parts a the beginning (top stops) and at the end (bottom stops) of a zipper that can be pressed onto the spiral chain so that the slider does not slide out at the ends of the zipper.