S0 slider with no puller Bed linen slider installation manual Sliders without pullers, also called flat sliders, are often used for home textiles, especially bed linen. If such bed linen sliders should occasionally be attached to a zip fastener, it certainly is not worthwhile to buy a special tool like our “Bezi. So, using the instructions in the picture to the right you can see how to install these sliders onto zip fasteners without any tools.


1. Video tutorial: Inserting a zip fastener into a bed linen slider with no tools
Some bed linen sliders are very small. For those, using the edge of a table in step 5 will not help. The video tutorial below shows how to install such small sliders without puller on zipper long chain.

Firstly, we put both sliders upright in order to show you that it is important to attach the slider to the right side of the zip fastener chain. As you can see in the video, we put the second slider initially on the wrong side of the zipper chain and therefore had to turn it round. Besides, you see that sometimes an inexperienced person has to fumble and take a little more time than a seamstress who deals with this every day.

2. Video tutorial: Inserting a zip fastener into a bed linen slider after cutting off a tape corner
The second video shows another way of installing a bed linen slider on a zip fastener chain. An additional step, cut off a corner from the one side of the zip fastener tape. This makes it easier to grab both ends of the zip fastener tapes with one hand and pull the slider with the other hand.
3. Inserting a zip fastener backwards into a bed linen slider
Our third video shows possibly the simplest method. Slide the slider as far as possible onto the closed spiral chain. Then pull both ends of the tape apart to the left and to the right of the slider.

The drawback of this method is that a lot of force is required when using your thumb and forefinger. After only a few tries you will feel fatigue in your fingers because of a great effort.

You can usually hear and feel with a slight click in the slider that the two foremost teeth of the spiral chain have separated. Then you can push the slider with your index finger, while you need to pull the tapes apart with only a little force at the same time.
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