Quick selection chain width» 4 mm 6 mm
ca. 4 mm
chain width

Spiral zipper S0 endless chain analogously Opti-lon S40

Stock colours
Bobbins á
400 m
300 m
50 m
25 m
Grey TA 013
Raw white TA 030
Terracotta TA 102
Beigee TA 128
Navy blue TA 147
Light grey TA 154
White TA 501
Grey brown TA 884
Burgundy TA 527
Titanium grey TA 272
Dark brown TA 568
Mocca TA 570
Silk white TA 571
Dark grey TA 579
Black TA 580
Red TA 820
Écru TA 84
Fir green TA 890
Turquoise TA 902
  • Coil/Spiral zipper – tape and coil made of polyester
  • Tape woven into the spiral
  • Chain width ca. 4 mm
  • Single tape width ca. 12 mm
  • >550N/25mm transverse strength of the tape
  • 19 colours in stock
  • Synonyms: coil zipper long chain by-the-yard, zip fastener chain by the meter

Slider S0

Material: Zamac
Slider S0 autolock

Automatic slider S0 with standard pull tab
Coloured varnished, nickel-plated or nickel-free tinned

Slider S0 autolock drop puller

S0 automatic slider with drop puller
white, black, navy-blue, nickel

Slider S0 autolock with decorative puller clapper

S0 automatic slider with clapper puller
Nickel plated or nickel-free tinned

Slider S0 nonlock long pull tab

Slider S0 nonlock with long pull tab

Slider S0 without puller

Slider S0 without puller (bed linen flat slider)
coloured, nickel-plated or nickel-free tinned

ca. 6 mm
chain width

Spiral zipper S0 endless chain analogously Opti-lon S60

Stock colours
Bobbins á 200 m
Raw white
Silk white
  • Spiral zipper – tape and coil made of polyester
  • Tape woven into the spiral
  • Chain width ca. 6 mm
  • Chain thickness ca. 1.9 mm
  • Single tape width ca. 15 mm
  • >900N/25mm cross strength of the ribbon
Spiral zipper long chain endless S10 - according Opti S60

Slider S10

Material: Zamac
Automatic with standard pull tab: black or nickel-plated
S10 automatic slider blackS10 automatic slider nickel-plated

Zipper jig

With this tool, you can easily and quickly pull sliders on endless zipper long chain by-the-yard. The zipper jig holds zipper sliders and unlocks automatic sliders which are particularly difficult to install. You can save enormous time and increase your productivity.

Safety benefits that minimize the risk of injury:
Saxotex' zipper forks have rounded edges on the insertion slot. In 2018, we continued to improve our zipper jigs so they no longer tower over the table edge.
  • Massive silver steel (115CrV3) tool body milled
  • Screw clamp for tabletops up to 45 mm thick
  • Size 1 for sliders up to 7 mm chain width
  • Size 2 for sliders over 7 mm chain width
  • Zipper jig Duo for all zipper slider sizes
  • Made in Germany

Instructions for use & video

Synonyms: Fork Clamp Tool, Zipper aid, zipper rearing tool, zipper holder