In this manual you will see how to threading sliders on zipper chain using the zipper jig, firstly step by step with pictures and text description. Further down this page, a video demonstrates the process. At the bottom of the page, another video shows how to install 2 sliders making an X-shaped zip fastener.

Installing a slider on a zip fastener – Step 1Place the slider into the fork slot with the wide side towards yourself and with the puller facing down. Apply firm pressure to the auto lock slider so that the spike in the slider hides fully.
Installing a slider on a zip fastener – Step 2Open the zipper chain and insert it upside down into the two openings of the slider (on the left and on the right).
Installing a slider on a zip fastener – Step 3Gently push both zipper ends forward so that the first teeth snap into each other.
Installing a slider on a zip fastener – Step 4As soon as the first teeth are locked in place, you can pull the closed zipper further.
  1. Check if the left and the right half of the zip fastener chain individually pull through the left or right groove of the slider. If not, it means that the size of the zipper chain does not match the slider.
  2. Sometimes when the ends of the spiral are cut, it gets deformed and the first teeth cannot snap into each other. Neatly cut the ends of the zipper chain again with sharp scissors.
  3. In the 3rd step, press the two zip fastener ends in alternating directions, but always gently forward. Obstinate teeth on the ends of the zip fastener then snap in noticeably.

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Video tutorial: Inserting a zip fastener into a slider using the zipper jig
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Video tutorial: Pulling 2 sliders in opposite directions on a zipper chain so that it opens to form an X