No yarn is suitable for all applications, but there is a suitable yarn for each application.

Braiding YarnNmtexDescription
Braiding yarn No.6 á 1,500 m, waxed45/16369Synthetic braiding thread,
Upholstery twine, shoe & footwear yarn,
black or brown
Braiding yarn No.7 á 1,000 m, waxed31/16540
Braiding yarn SAXObraid 1 mm á 500 m, waxed610
Braiding yarn No.8 ca. 650 m, waxed31/22770
Bulky yarnNmtexDescription
Bulky yarn F 120 á 10,000 m, raw white, white, coloured60/117100% polyester, textured, fixed, finished
Bulky yarn R 60 á 30,000 m, coloured60/117100% polyester, textured
Bulky yarn R 15, 167 dtex ×4, ca. 1.000 g, raw white60/470
Core spun yarn PES/CONmtexDescription
Cottoria F 120 á 5,000 m, raw white, white80/225Core spun yarn Polyester/Cotton
Cottoria F 120 á 10,000 m, raw white80/225
Cottoria F 75 á 5,000 m, white50/240
Cottoria F 50 á 5,000 m, black50/360
High-strength twisted filament yarn, 100% polyesterNmtexDescription
FILAN 180 á 5,000 m, raw white, white, black120/216Enhanced overlock and trimming yarn
FILAN 180 á 20,000 m, raw white, white120/216
FILAN 80 á 8,000 m, raw white, black80/338 Specially developed for the automotive industry.
Application: Filtration, shoes,
Luggage & handbags,
Geotextiles, Specialty Industrial, outdoor products,
Covers/Web Slings & Tiedowns
FILAN 60 á 6,000 m, raw white, black60/350
FILAN 40 á 4,000 m, raw white, white, black40/370
FILAN 30 á 3,000 m, white, black, beige, green, light blue, blue, light gray, dark gray, dark brown30/390
FILAN 20 á 2,000 m, white, black20/3135
FILAN 15 á 1,500 m (not in stock)15/3210
FILAN 11 á 1,000 m (not in stock)11/3280
FILAN 8 á 800 m, á 200 m (not in stock)8/3330
Technical yarnsNmtexDescription
Kevlar yarn Nm 50/150/120Para-Aramid staple spun yarn
Kevlar yarn Nm 80/280/225
Kevlar sewing yarn No.50 á 5,000 m data sheet50/360Para-Aramid staple spun yarn, schappe spun, finished
Kevlar sewing yarn No.35 á 3,000 m data sheet50/483
Kevlar filament yarn 440 dtex ×2 data sheet23/291Para Aramid filament yarn
Kevlar filament yarn 880 dtex ×3 data sheet11/3271
PTFE filament 420 dtex ×3, white24/3135Polytetrafluorethylene filament yarn
PTFE filament 440 dtex ×3, natural brown23/3136
PTFE filament tape, white22/145
Fine polyester yarnNmtexDescription
PES spun yarn F 120 á 5,000 m, white, black, beige, dark red, dark blue, light blue70/229Sewing yarn 100% polyester
PES spun yarn F 120 á 10,000 m, á 20,000 m, white, raw white70/229
Core spun yarn PES/PESNmtexDescription
POLYPREN 120 á 10,000 m, raw white74/225Core spun yarn Polyester/Polyester
POLYPREN 120 á 5,000 m, white, black74/225
POLYPREN 75 á 10,000 m, raw white, white50/240
POLYPREN 75 á 5,000 m, black50/240
POLYPREN 50 á 5,000 m, white, black, beige34/260
Transparent sewing yarnNmtexDescription
2,000 den = ∅ 0.5 mm, natural á 12,100 m or 5,400 m4,5/1222Monofilament yarn polyamide PA 6
60 den, nature, kingspool á 34,500 m150/17Nylon monofilament yarn polyamide PA 6.6
60 den, natural, R6 spool á 90,000 m150/17
80 den, nature, R6 spool á 66,000 m113/19
180 den, nature, kingspool á 11,500 m50/120
180 den, natural, R6 spool á 30,000 m50/120
180 den, natural, R6 coil á 30,000 m, ready for sewing in container50/120
420 den, nature, R8 spool á 17,000 m21/147
Plate for R6 spoolPlate for R6 coil in container
Transparent container for R6 spoolYarn spool container
Kevlar yarn 440 dtex x2 raw yellow

Kevlar filament sewing yarn 440 dtex ×2, raw yellow

Kevlar spun yarn Nm 80/2, raw yellow

Kevlar spun yarn Nm 80/2, raw yellow

Monofilament Transparent yarn 0.5 mm, natural á 12,100 m

Transparent monofilament yarn ∅ 0.5 mm, á 12.100 m

Polyamide monofilament transparent yarn R6, on the right in container

Transparent polyamide monofilament yarn on R6 spool, on the right in container

Sewing machine needles

Please ask us for a quotation for your special sewing application.