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Insertion of a zipper with 6.3 mm chain width into a slider without pull tab as well as in a nonlock slider with long pull tab using the Bezi slider pull-on tool
Start image for video Insert zipper into slider without handle as well as into nonlock slider with long handle using the Bezi slider pull-on tool

Slider No.15 nonlock TA841, slider body without pull tabWe can also equip our "Bezi" tool for sliders without pull tab with other holders. This allows you to pull onto endless zipper chain also such sliders, whose pull tab will be mounted only later. Such sliders consist only of the slider body with lug, which later takes up the pull tab or handle.

No.10 flat lock semi automatic YG slider, white Pinlock slider Slider No.10 nonlock long pull tab black With the shown holder, however, you can also pull on sliders with pull tab, but only nonlock sliders, pinlock sliders or flat lock semi-automatic sliders.

Slider No.10 autolock nickel-plated For common automatic sliders, on the other hand, only our zipper jig is suitable, because only the zipper jig unlocks automatic sliders.

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