Magazine pliers for zipper bottom stops staples

Zangenhefter Elastic Zipp 5

(Old) Magazine pliers for 5 mm wide bottom stops

Stapling pliers Zipp 6

Magazine pliers for 6 mm wide bottom stops

With these pliers in the type of staple tools (pliers stapler) you can attach bottom stops on zippers with 4 mm and 5 mm or 6 mm chain width. The bottom stops clamps are available compounded as a staple strip. With up to 2 staple strips, you can insert about 50 bottom stops at once into the magazine of the bottom stop stapler. This allows you to attach bottom stops to zippers faster than using the Multi purpose pliers.

These bottom stops are only 1.5 mm long. Therefore, they cover the zipper chain less than the 3 to 4 mm long bottom stops used on fully automatic produced spiral zippers. Nevertheless, these bottom stop staples, which are only 1.5 mm long, also reliably stop the zipper slider so that the slider does not slide off the zipper chain. These zipper bottom stop stapling pliers are ruggedly built for constant industrial use.Application examples