29th April 2020: Due to the high demand for the production of mouth and nose protection masks we have additional white rubber cord ⌀ 3 mm immediately available in stock.

Below you will find our assortment in economically normal days.

We keep various elastic textile tapes in stock for immediate delivery. Other variants we procure within a few days.

Knitted elastic band

  • Knitted elastic textile tape made of 57% polyester & 43% natural rubber
  • 135% elongation
  • Knit becomes narrower during stretching.
  • 2 qualities available:
    • Without finishing:
      • Wavy after hot washing
      • 8-10% wash shrinkage
    • With finishing:
      • Remains smooth and stable in shape even after several hot washes
      • 1-4% wash shrinkage
  • Stocked colours: black, raw white
  • Stocked widths:
    • 5, 7, 10, 15 mm á 100 m spool
    • 8 mm á 250 m spool
    • 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50 mm á 50 m roll
  • Further widths available at short notice
  • Cleaning instructions:

    Basically the knitted elastic textile band is also boil-proof and can be washed at 90°C. However, the supplier of the rubber does not guarantee this. Therefore, each processor must test for himself whether the knitted elastic band still meets his requirements after boiling washes.

Synonyms: Elastic ribbon, rubber tape, Elastic bungee cords, Flat elastic cords on reels

Elastic bandKnitted elastic textile band, 185% elongation, 8 mm á 250 m spool, raw white

Woven elastic band

  • 100% elongation
  • Elastic textile band made of polyester & natural rubber
  • Woven elastic tape with weft and warp thread retains its width during stretching
  • Finished: Remains smooth and stable in shape even after several washes
  • Stocked colours: black, raw white
  • Stocked widths: 15, 20, 25, 30, 50 mm á 50 m roll
  • Elastic at other widths up to 150 mm (6 inch) and elongations up to 170%, and with a flame-retardant finish for the burn resistance according to DIN 75 200 and FMVSS 302 equipped, are available at short notice.

Synonyms: Woven elastic webbing

Woven elastic band, finished, 100% elongation, á 50 m roll, 50 mm, black Woven elastic band, 100% elongation, 150 mm (6 inch) width, black

Elastic band with buttonholes

  • finished
  • Colours: black, raw white
  • Widths:
    • 15 mm á 50 m or 100 m spool
    • 20 mm, 30 mm á 50 m roll
Buttonhole elastic, finished, á 100 m bobbin, 15 mm, raw white

Elastic braid

The elastic rubber threads are woven into the textile structure. This protects the natural rubber of the elastic braid better from environmental influences than other elastic tapes. The braiding process also enables high elasticity. Elastic braid with orange gold tooth thread, 7 mm wide

  • Elastic textile tape without finishing, with orange marker thread
  • 7 mm width, raw white, 300 m bobbin
  • 180% elongation
Without picture:
  • Elastic braid whitout finishing
  • 74% Polyester, 26% Natural rubber
  • 10 mm wide, raw white, 200 m spool
  • 135% elongation