In the following pictures we show a Delrin 6 zip fastener with about 6 mm chain width as an example to demonstrate how to attach universal RT10 bottom stops to a zipper chain.

Pressing RT10 with both thumbs through the zip fastener tapes

Since these bottom stops are made of aluminum, their spikes can be easily bent in an undesirable way. In the first step, press the end part gently and carefully with both thumbs through the fabric of the zip fastener tapes on both sides of the tooth chain.

The mesh of the zip fastener tapes can be very tight close to the zipper teeth. The four spikes of the bottom stop make it easier to find their way through these tight stitches if you gently tilt the bottom stop back and forth with both thumbs.

4 spikes of the pushed through RT10 bottom stop protrude from the zip fastener tapes4 spikes of the RT10 bottom stop bent over the Delrin 6 zip fastener chainOnce the prongs are pierced through the zipper tape, you can use flat nose pliers to bend the prongs over so they lay flat against the zipper chain.The top of the completely installed RT10 bottom stop
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