• Woven polyamide with sewing edges (Exception: 1 edge of the10 mm wide tapes is cut.)
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class II
  • 45-50% Polyamide 6
  • 10-15% polyamide 6.6 (nylon)
  • 35-40% TPR hotmelt adhesive
    • Good adhesion to almost all smooth, clean surfaces
    • Unsuitable for some plastics containing special plasticizers

    Preparation and use:

    • Clean the surface of the base material to be bonded with alcohol or spirit, because the surface must be free of grease, silicone, moisture and dust.
    • The bonding temperature should be at least 10°C.
    • Remove protective film and press Hook & Loop tape firmly on the surface of the base material, especially paying attention to corners and edges.
    • Do not touch adhesive film, because contact with the natural environment of the skin surface reduces the adhesive strength.
    • Until strain, the adhesive should bind at least 1 hour. Final strength after 24 hours. Temperatures below 20°C prolong those times.
  • Thickness fastener tapes: 2 mm ± 0.1 mm each
  • Thickness fastener: Depending on the pressure 3 mm ± 0.5 mm
  • Closing force (peeling strength): 2 N/cm width Peel strength
  • Shear strength: 8.3 N/cm² Shear strength
  • Durability:
    Number of opening operationsDecrease in closing strength
    2.000< 10%
    5.000< 15%
    10.000< 20%
    20.000< 25%
  • Tearing strength: 19.6 N
  • Resistance to heat:
    • Softening point of the hotmelt glue WDS1:75°C
    • Melting point of hook tape: 220°C, loop tape 180°C
  • Cold resistance: Functional up to -30°C
  • For high exposure to UV light we recommend polyester tape.
  • For special applications we can also advise you on suitable adhesives.
  • Synonyms: Self-adhesive touch-and-close-fastener

The above information is for guidance. The user must check for himself how he can apply the fasteners for his purposes.

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