There are different types of top stops for zip fasteners. The right choice depends on the type and use of the zip fastener, installation effort, price and visual aesthetics. We would like to help you with this decision by explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the Delrin 9 or Vislon 10VF injection molded zip fastener.

1. Industrially molded top stops

Molded top stops hidden in a Delrin 9 zip fastener slider Molded top stop hidden on the slider side of a Delrin 9 zip fastener Top stops industrially attached to the zip fastener tape by injection molding usually have a small nose that protrudes from the top or side. This nose stops the slider even if you unhook a separable zip fastener at the insertion pin & retainer box, e.g. on a jacket, and this way have it completely split. Then the slider appears only on the slide side of the zip fastener chain. When sliding the slider to the top stop, it would slide over the single top stop and leave the zip fastener, if it had no nose mentioned above.

But why does the zip fastener industry make the top stops so narrow that they hide into the slider and therefore need a nose to stop the slider? Well, it looks more beautiful (especially in clothing) if the top stops do not protrude. When it comes to technical textiles, however, such visual aspects usually do not bother.

2. Y-shaped top stops

Delrin 9 slider slid beyond the Y-shaped top stop made by YKK Delrin 9 slider slides over the Y-shaped top stop made by YKK Delrin 9 slider in front of the Y-shaped top stop made by YKK YKK Vislon 10VF/Delrin 9 top stops, white Y-shaped top stops made by YKK are shaped to be aesthetically most suitable for injection molded zip fastener teeth. The top stops are lacquered in various colors and relatively inexpensive. However, they are so narrow that the slider can slide over the top stop when a separable zip fastener is unhooked and the slider is pushed to the top. The image sequence illustrates the sliding away on a white Delrin zip fastener. Therefore, do not use the Y-shaped top stops on separable Delrin zip fasteners.

3. U-shaped top stops

RT20 U-shaped top stop on Delrin 6 zip fastener Slider covers RT20 U-shaped top stop on Delrin 9 zip fastener RT10 zip fastener antique brass top stops U-shaped top stops also dive into the slider if you push it all the way to the top of the zip fastener, as shown in the picture sequence with a brass top stop and a white slider.

Slider covers RT10 antique brass top stop on Delrin 6 injection molded zip fastener RT10 antique brass top stop on Delrin 6 injection molded zip fastener Only if a larger top stop is chosen, the slider will stop in front of the larger top stop. Then, however, the top stop is seen when the zip fastener is completely closed. The two pictures with the brass top stop and the black slider show this.

The U-shaped top stops are relatively cheap and also universal. Therefore, they can be fixed to all types of zip fasteners if the appropriate size is chosen.

4. Stirrup-shaped top stops

Delrin 9 slider in front of the alternative stainless steel top stop made by YKK Stainless steel top stop stops the slider on the Delrin 9 zip fastener Stainless steel top stop pressed onto the Delrin 9 zip fastener Delrin 9 bow-shaped stainless steel top stop The stirrup-shaped or saddle-shaped top stops are only suitable for larger Delrin zip fasteners with at least 8.5 mm chain width. These stainless steel top stops do not or hardly hide into the slider. Therefore, they remain visible. However, the slider will reliably stop in any case. In addition, they can be attached relatively easily and quickly, because you do not have to remove any teeth from the zip fastener tape beforehand. In addition, the stainless steel is resistant to sea water, that means proof against salt water. Therefore, these top stops are suitable for maritime use on boats. However, they cost about eight times the Y-shaped top stops.